Thursday, April 21, 2011

How Tia Survived T-I-A.

Most parents select their children's names with a purpose in mind.  My Mother chose mine because she saw a woman named Latia on "The Price is Right," and decided that she liked it enough to attach it to her only child.  

I think God led her to select my name and nickname for a reason. "Tia" my nickname in the world of medicine is referred to as T-I-A, the abbreviation for Transient Ischemic Attack. T-I-A is often referred to as a "mini stroke". It is caused by the loss of blood flow to the brain and often referred to as a brain attack.

The symptoms of a T-I-A resolve within a few minutes unlike a stroke. T-I-A's share the same underlying cause as strokes; a disruption of the blood flow to the brain. T-I-A's and strokes present the same symptoms such as paralysis, sudden weakness, or numbness. Having a T-I-A is a risk factor for eventually having a stroke.

I had a major stroke when I was 22 years old. There was no warning just sudden weakness, numbness, and paralysis. Tia or T-I-A, coincidence or not, I believe I was named for a reason and  that reason is for me to change the perception that our country has of stroke sufferers and survivors as elderly persons only.   

As I move forward in my own personal mission to support stroke victims and educate others on the differences of the young adult population of survivors versus the senior population I invite you to join me.  I invite you to learn more about me through personal exchanges and correspondence that blogs provide for us.  Most importantly I invite you to catch a glimpse of a small piece of my life and learn how Tia survived T-I-A.