Friday, July 1, 2011

Everyone’s Here For A Reason, Find Yours ........

“Tomorrow is not promised so why not live for today," is a great motto, but do we really live by it?
Many have an opinion they have never voiced, an idea they have never tried, and emotions that they have never expressed. Do you ever wonder why they have chosen not to? but why not because tomorrow is never promised.
I was watching Housewives and one of the housewives said,  “…Women have many dreams that are put aside when we have a family.” Is it possible that we could do both?  Are we promised tomorrow? Why aren’t we living for today, speaking our mind, expressing ourselves or pursuing our dreams.
I was running one day. The next day, I was paralyzed. I was signing autographs one day. The next day my signature was not even legible.
I am thankful for another chance but if I knew that a stroke would dramatically change my life, I would have practiced harder and run faster!
Now I know and I plan to set my goals high and live for today!
Thank god I am blessed to see another day when many are not. Everyone is here for a reason, so find yours!