Friday, May 13, 2011

“Sometimes you just have to face your past...”

I was nervous and full of anxiety.
I was invited to attend a University of Pittsburgh banquet celebrating a Century of African American Athletics on the campus.  I had not returned to the University since I had left it 13 years ago. Although I was nervous about going back there I knew that it was something that I had to do to move forward.
When I arrived I initially went to the bathroom to gather my thoughts.  The first person I noticed was my former basketball coach followed by other University staff members. I saw faces at the banquet that I could recall from when I had my stroke. Faces that sat in front of me when I cried tears and begged to be allowed to remain a part of the Pittsburgh Basketball Team that I loved so much.
It was hard, but I did it.  I revisited a place that I hadn't gone to in 13 years. I revisited a place where I last was sad and depressed; a place where I was paralyzed and had open-heart surgery. I faced a place where I left all my talents and capabilities in basketball.
By the end of the night I had done it! I had gone to a place that I'd never thought I could go.   I did it!  I did it without depression, or tears, and without basketball.  
My return trip to the University of Pittsburgh helped me to realize that I am in a good space in my life. I had a wonderful night and I can say again I made it through! Sometimes you just have to face your past...


  1. That is great Tia!! You are a warrior!!!

  2. Thanks Lee, you know what I had went through in the past and it was difficult for me to gather my nerves. There were some difficult times that I had went through dealing with the loss of basketball. The event was actually very nice and I am happy I went!

  3. Tia, acknowledging that you even had a fear of something was the first step of overcoming it. Once we realize that something has invaded negative space in our lives, and taking all the necessary steps needed to overcome it, we make more room in our lives for positive information to enter. This journey called life can be and seem hard and difficult at times, but when you really think about it; it's all of what we make it to be. Once again, I am so proud of you for getting up and taking back your life……always remember that God loves you and so do I.
    Aunt Sandy

  4. Aunt Sandy....I didn't realize that I would become so nervous until the day of the event. I sat at a table with the head Women's Basketball Coach at Pitt, prior athletes and a staff member from when I was there. The coach came across the table and said she knows all about me and gave me a hug. She had heard I was a great athlete. Prior to that day, I felt like Pitt forgotten me, like they didn't remember my sweat and effort. The staff member told my story to everyone at the table, starting with she was a great athlete... What was I nervous for? I went to a place that welcomed me with open arms. If I hadn't went back I would still have these feelings of nervousness and anxiety but I don't! I faced my past and it was bad at all.